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Personalized Engraved Damascus Pocket Knife

Personalized Engraved Damascus Pocket Knife

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Arm yourself with the Personalized Engraved Damascus Pocket Knife. Crafted from Damascus steel and engraved with precision, this personalized knife is designed for tactical use and serves as a stylish accessory. Strike a balance between ruggedness and elegance with our Engraved Damascus Rugged Elegance Knife. 

Key Features:

  • Forged from durable Damascus steel
  • Multi-functional design for various tasks
  • Engravings blending ruggedness with elegance

Knife Details:

  • Wood Laser Engraving
  • Damascus Blade
  • Spring Assisted

Knife measurements:
  • Knife when closed: 5"
  • Knife when open: 8"
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